5 Things You Should Know About Success

Many people are seeking coaching on how to be successful. In the past eighteen months, eighty percent of my client coaching conversations were around personal success. Everyone, from those born with silver spoons in their mouths to those without anything, is born with the need to succeed. Even those who encourage others that it is okay to fail, themselves do not wish to fail. And those who tell you that you cannot bring your successes to the grave also do not wish to be considered a failure. If you are struggling to succeed, consider these five things.

5 Things You Should Know About Career Planning

A career is a profession, occupation, trade, or vocation or what one does for a living. A career can also be the progress and actions that one has taken throughout one’s working years, the titles one has earned and accomplished over that time. A career can comprise of the different jobs that one has held in one or several companies, in the same field or career cluster. Whatever form a career takes many people work make a living and hope to find life’s meaning in their work. A good education does not promise a good career and the door to a good life. Many have been disappointed by this belief. There are five things that one should know about career planning.