5 Things You Should Know About Time

In the past weeks, the issue of busyness came to my attention because every one of my 6 coachees is struggling with busyness. Busyness is about fighting against time. You may think that it is natural for everyone to struggle with time because there is always a need to want more time. It seems that there is so much to do and yet so little time. Unfortunately, the fact is that you cannot negotiate with time to have more time. Time just slips us. It was like yesterday that we celebrated perhaps one of the quietest Christmas and New Year of our lives. It was as if like yesterday that Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. And 2020 like many other years ended up with so many things left unfinished or yet to be started. Remember that whatever that you are dealing with you must deal with time.  5 things to remember when you deal with time.