"You need to be enterprising

but you don’t need to be an entrepreneur

to be enterprising."

Dr Jeremy Gwee

Principal Trainer

Dr Jeremy Gwee

I had a fulfilling 38 years career in banking and financial services working with Maybank, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, Headstrong, IBM, and HSBC. Half of my career was in leadership roles in the C-suite or as a board member. I had an international career, working in twelve Asian countries, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US

These years shaped my views on the many aspects of life, particularly how our working lives affect the rest of our lives. One aspect I realized is that how I led at work affected how I lived the rest of my life. I also realized that while my religion may influence how I should lead my life, I also used various self-improvement techniques to help me live my life, with myself and with others.

Today I train people in personal leadership as I believe that leading others begins from leading oneself. My approach is based on understanding a person life’s experiences as a follower, an employee, a manager and a leader through the lenses of positive psychology and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

During my doctoral studies in transformational leadership and I discovered that positive psychology and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) are the foundations of most self-improvement tools.

I infuse these disciplines in my training and coaching in collaboration with tools such as Gallup Strength Finder and Business Profiling, VIA character strength, LEGO Serious Play, organizational zoo, action learning and points of you. In doing so I am able to uniquely equip my clients with knowledge and skills to sustain their efforts to change their attitudes and behaviors, necessary for them to flourish while striving to overcome challenges and achieve their personal goals, as they transition from one point to life to another. I believe that everyone can find meaning while making a living.